363 Adelaide Street

 Project Number
Paul McKenna
Beavis & Bartels – (under D&C) 
Owner – Valparaiso Capital / Student One
Hutchinson Builders
Value (Build Cost)
$110 million ($45 million refurbishment allowance)
Hydraulics Contractor
Beavis & Bartels

Project Duration
May 2015 to June 2016
Transforming an existing 18 storey ‘class 5‘ office building, built in 1985 – into a modern 700 bed and bath Student Accommodation Building, complete with tradewaste and natural gas provision for 3 x retail and 1 x restaurant.
Specific Challenges
Dealing with and retaining the existing building structure –that had little to no, existing information. Detailed site visits where required, to gain an understanding of the existing site constants.
Attempting to understand the complete existing hydraulic systems, with little to no existing information.
Attempting and successfully reusing some existing hydraulic  elements, to provide cost savings for the contractor.
Services Documented
  • Cold Water Service,
  • Hot Water Service,
  • Fire Hydrant / Hose Reels,
  • Combined Sprinkler / Hydrant System,
  • Natural Gas Service
  • Sanitary Drainage and Plumbing,
  • Stormwater Drainage 
363 Adelaide Street 1
363 Adelaide Street 2