ELF Stage 2B

Project Number
Paul McKenna
John Holland Group
BVN & Conrad Gargett
Value (Build Cost)
$ 800 Million
Hydraulics Contractor(s)
  • Beavis & Bartels,
  • Nardia Plumbing,
  • D&F Plumbing,
  • Fairfield Plumbing,
  • Planet Plumbing

Project Duration
March 2009 to May 2015
Deleted the need for 22 individual hydrant pumpsets – by implementing a site wide fire pump station solution to capture for all current and future works. Which not only provided a capital cost saving,  it also provided future  ongoing maintenance savings

A Site wide Natural Gas ring main was introduced that services all current as well as future proofing defence requirements
Specific Challenges
Designing site specific hydraulic services, to over 200 individual buildings, spread over brown and green field building sites within a 9 sq. Km complete with a combined 220,000m²  of building GFA.

Working within 4 individual design teams, comprising multiple architects, engineers and builders at once, whilst also controlling external specialist sub-contractors (eg swimming pool specialist)

Following the project through to construction, inspection and handover while dealing with 5 different construction teams.

Estimated Savings
$1.43 million – Fire System savings (22 x individual fire hydrant pumpsets) -  saving does not include the building savings etc.
$75,000  - Hotwater deletion to Basins
$538,000 – For change in rainwater harvesting calculation. We reduced the rainwater volumes bye 538kL  - by applying usage calculations  vs QDC calculations
$ 2.043 million Total Saving
Services Documented
  • Cold Water,
  • Hot Water,
  • Rain Water,
  • LPG & Natural Gas,
  • Sanitary Drainage and Plumbing,
  • Trade Waste Drainage,
  • Stormwater Drainage and Harvesting
ELF STage 2B