Evidence Based Solutions

Each designer will have a different approach to providing an engineering solution to a particular set of requirements. Therefore, we apply our best endeavours to provide evidence that the proposed solution is the most appropriate for the situation. This evidence is gathered from the following sources:

Previous projects
We maintain contact with our clients and building occupiers to obtain feedback and real data of how the installation is performing. This data can be used to inform the design decisions of future similar projects.

Industry Knowledge
We are active members of the Australian Hydraulic Services Consultants Association (AHSCA). Two of our senior staff sit on the executive committee and are at the forefront of technological and legislative developments in the plumbing industry.

We regularly invite manufacturers into our office to provide updates on the latest technology and equipment available.

Continual professional development
It is mandatory for our designers to continually improve their knowledge and capability by academic study, research, in-house training and technical option evaluation.