Marsden on 5th

 Project Number
Ken Crase
Cousins Hedeman Property
Thomson Adsett
Adco Constructions
Value (Build Cost)
$ 12 Million
Hydraulics Contractor
Accurate Plumbing

Project Duration
July 2013 to August 2015
Fire Hydrant flow and pressure testing at the start of the project indicated marginal compliance in regards to required pressure. However, instead of installing fire hydrant pumps, Aqualogical carefully designed the system to minimise system losses by installing a 150mm diameter ring main and locating the hydrants as near as practical to the ring main. In the event that in the future mains pressure is reduced, we designed in space and pipework provision to install a hydrant pump with minimal expenditure or disruption.
Specific Challenges
Contaminated soil due to a Petrol Station being located on the site previously.

Maximising lettable area – the use of syphonic rainwater drainage reduced the number of downpipes in lettable space.
Services Documented
  • Cold Water Service,
  • Hot Water Service,
  • Fire Hose Reel Service,
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems,
  • Fire Detection and Alarms,
  • Rain Water Service,
  • Gas Service
  • Sanitary Drainage and Plumbing,
  • Trade Waste Drainage
  • Downpipes and Gutters
  • Stormwater Drainage & Harvesting 
Marsden Shopping Centre
Marsden Shopping Centre