On completion of the design process, and prior to issuing for tender or council approvals, an independent quality review of the design & drafting standards is conducted. The review results are discussed with the designer and any necessary alterations made.

Aqualogical commits to developing the concept design stage with considerable detail in an effort to minimise potential issues at an early stage. At the concept design stage, the design team puts together the basic design for the project. Ideas are presented and challenged by all members of the team. These options are then considered and selections suitable for the project are made based on their merit. 

1. Concept

2. Design Development

3. Quality Review

During the design development stage of each project, extensive co-ordination is undertaken with the Architect. This co-ordination is essential as it becomes the back bone for the design. Once completed, this coordination is then extended to review the structural and mechanical requirements for the project. Authority requirements are also reviewed and any potential issues are discussed with the local inspectors to facilitate on site compliance.

On completion of the quality review, the documentation can be issued for tender. As part of our service, Aqualogical will undertake the preparation of all hydraulic services applications for local authority design approvals and will monitor the approval process through the local authority. This commitment will often shorten approval times and minimse information requests.

When required, regular quality inspections are undertaken during construction and reports prepared with current on site progress and defects indicated. Material samples are inspected and approved. Attendance at specific testing and commissioning is also undertaken. 

After Construction is complete our input on the project continues to monitor and communicate with the project team and building occupants to ensure the installed systems are functioning as designed. We will participtae in post occupancy evaluations which provide us with valuable feedabck to take to the next project as well as making sure the buildings owners and occupants are happy with the finished product.

4. Construction Docs

5. Construction Stage

6. Post Construction