Scope of Services

Aqualogical provide the following range of services;

  • Hydraulic and fire system design & documentation.

  • Council applications, negotiations & liaisons.

  • Investigation of existing services.

  • Budget analysis.

  • Design & construct documentation.

  • Operation & maintenance manuals.

  • As recorded documentation.

  • Compliance assessment.

  • Design review

  • Post occupancy evaluation

  • 3D modelling and co-ordination

Hydraulic Services

Hydraulic Services includes the range of design activities listed below, all can be provided in-house by Aqualogical;

  • Sanitary drainage and sanitary plumbing.

  • Vacuum drainage systems.

  • Trade waste drainage and plumbing

  • Trade waste treatment systems.

  • Gutter designs, rainwater downpipes, rainwater drainage and car park drainage.

  • Rainwater harvesting & reticulation systems.

  • Cold water systems including pumps and storage systems.

  • Hot water, high temperature water and warm water systems including pumps and reticulation.

  • Hot water generation plants including;

    • Gas,

    • Electric,

    • Solar,

    • Heat pump,

    • Waste heat recovery,

    • Coal,

    • Diesel,

    • Wood fired.

  • Gas reticulation including;

    • Natural,

    • LP,

    • Ethylene,

    • Oxygen,

    • Carbon dioxide,

    • Acetylene.

  • Erosion & sediment control.

  • Sanitary fixtures, tap ware and appliances.

  • Compressed air systems including;

    • Compressors,

    • Driers,

    • Receivers,

    • Reticulation,

    • Control.

  • Specialist wash down facilities including;

    • High pressure,

    • Centralised foaming

    • Sanitising systems.

Fire Services

Fire services are often categorised into two components; ‘wet and ‘dry’. Wet Fire services are usually provided by the Hydraulics Consultant and dry by the electrical consultant.


At Aqualogical we offer the complete fire services design solution, as follows;

  • Fire hydrant systems including storage, pumps, boosters and pressure controls.

  • Fire hose reel systems, Fire extinguishers.

  • Gas suppression systems.

  • Fire sprinkler systems including FM approved systems.

  • Deluge fire suppression systems.

  • Wall drenching systems.

  • Special hazard suppression systems.

  • Smoke detection systems.

  • Alternative and fire engineering investigation.

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