Tangible Value for Money

During the concept and schematic design stages of the project we challenge and evaluate all aspects of the Hydraulic Services design to establish the most cost effective solution.

We are regularly appointed by main contractors and Hydraulic Services contractors at the Tender stage of a project to review a design developed by a consultant team.

More often than not we can identify several areas that can be re-designed using a different system or modified to be more efficient which then results in real savings to the client.

Below is an example of how this approach has worked and actual, verified cost savings.

Project - ELF Stage 2B for John Holland Group, Total Savings = $2.043M
Fire system savings = $1,430,000
Hot water deletion to basins savings = $75,000
Rainwater harvesting re-calcualtions = $538,000

This is just one example of many in which the savings accrued are far greater than the fee paid to Aqualogical to carry out the detailed design.

For further details of how these savings where achieved, contact our office for a free consultation.